Me who

The eyes capture what it sees. The mind what it wants and the heart what it likes. Every memory captured in a frame finds a place in your life. Categorized, logged and stored for you to relive it as years pass by.

In the past couple of years or so, I have tried to imprint my memories, my frames into my camera and onto my USB drive. After all the only thing we now depend on is technology, for love, for life and everything under it. Browse few of the frames of my life, as I capture it, caption it and try to reason how it captivated me.

A planned traveler with a compulsive  clicking habit along with an impulse to look before you leap. Have been looking long before I finally leap to start writing about my planned wandering. Look forward to penning down my journey, my destination and everything in between.

For my memories on the go, check out my instagram page.